We are jeyprojects – A London Based Web Development company. The say the biggest accomplishments come from a small start.

jeyprojects kicked off in the comfort of a bedroom, came to life in the year 2006 and since then it’s known to offer the best services you can get in the industry of Digital.



Our passion, goals and involvements in world wide web, took us long way. From our web design, we’ve emerged as an full service offering agency, offering design, development, marking and consultations to businesses to take the web seriously and to succeed.

We may have diversified and opened our doors to skilled web geniuses from across the industry, but we’ve kept things remarkably simple.

At the heart of every digital service we offer lies that very same drive to do digital with smart business sense informing every project.

So lets hear about you! if you’d like to talk with jeyprojects about your online business, we’re all ears and full of great ideas for your next step on web. you can reach us the old fashioned way on 020 3189 1162 or info@jeyprojects.com

Excellent.Ongoing project.Having seen jeyproject’s work and eagerness, offered another big project.Really knowledgeable and helpful. Goes out of their way to help. Highly recommend

P K CEO - Online Retailer